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Just Because it Doesn't Kill You Doesn't Mean it Makes You Stronger

Format: EP
Released: 4/6/2004

1. Got to Get Her Out -- (mp3)
2. Sunday Afternoon
3. Lose You
4. Elizabeth
5. Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend [Mr. T Experience]
6. Anything is Possible With You

Notes: All songs acoustic. Some (or all) of the album artwork may be stolen from the internet.

(No Credit Cards Please)

Unreleased Songs

Bleary -- Lyrics
My Mistake [The Smashing Pumpkins] -- Lyrics
Next Time -- Lyrics
Outstretched Shadow -- Lyrics

As a special treat for all who found this page, here is a link to my band in high school, 3 Ring Circus. There are no sound samples, but there are pictures...

  All songs copyright Apartment 12 Studios